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Glasgow Baby Food Bank

Glasgow Baby Food Bank

Awarded 17/06/2022
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Awardee Bio:
We are a group of ladies who have started this project up for vulnerable families who are struggling to make ends meet. We are not in anyway judgemental to anyone's situation and above most are very understanding and compassionate to every situation we come across.
The most important thing we value in is being totally confidential so hence why we will be doing a referral scheme with other organisations for peace of mind to our in need families. For donators without you we could not do the amazing task of helping families out with all your help so thank you so much for your help it gratefully appreciated.
"Helping one person out may not change the world, but it could change the world for one person"

Award Narrative:
The co-founders of the Glasgow North Baby Food Bank identified an urgent community need for baby food, baby formula and essential aids and baby products and they set up the organisation to help and support those in need. Having received significant demand, the organisation expanded and the number of clients it could support soared. As the demand increased significantly, the Baby Food Bank changed its name to the Glasgow Baby Food Bank and expanded their service area to encompass the City of Glasgow as a whole.
We celebrate the ingenuity, compassion and resourcefulness of the co-founders for creating a unique service which meets the needs of those who are all to often left to struggle with little or no support. The Glasgow Baby Food Bank and its dedicated volunteers could teach us all a few lessons in the benefits and beauty of voluntary service to foster stronger, healthier and happier communities.
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