Spotlight Awards
James Anderson and Depher CIC

James Anderson and Depher CIC

Awarded 15/06/2022
Awardee Bio:
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We choose to see what we can understand but become blind to what we do not understand.
Depher will not be blind, as it can see, we will always be here, we will never be blind to the needs of the people.
It is our responsibility to protect, not to ignore or choose, through the battles you face, we stand united with you, always.


Award Narrative from Spotlight Awards judging panel:
James has a significant and sustained history of supporting and offering free or reduce cost emergency plumbing services to those most in need. In 2017 James set up DEPHER as a Community Interest Company to provide free or reduce price professional plumbing services to disabled, chronically ill and older people in need. James and his organisation has helped over 17,000 people throughout the UK and during the height of the COVID19 pandemic, James distributed PPE and emergency food to his community.
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